Do you Put Vinyl Plank Flooring under Appliances?

You can make use of vinyl planks under your appliances but there are other options as well in the market. You can install vinyl flooring but you need to be really careful regarding your entire floor as it can get damaged. 

But the question here arises, Do you Put Vinyl Plank Flooring under Appliances?

A safe place to install vinyl flooring is underneath appliances that can be moved. Under the appliance, you can install flooring, but anything that weighs more than 500 pounds should not be put on it to protect vinyl plank flooring from damage. 

What kind of appliances can be used on the vinyl floors?

The vinyl plank floors can only hold up to 500 lb (227 kg), so, it is recommended to avoid putting heavy furniture on the floor underneath that could mark or damage the surface.

Vinyl flooring is popular because it lasts for a long time and looks good. It’s important to remember that water, humidity, weight, and sharp things can easily damage your expensive vinyl flooring. 

So, to avoid any harm, you must take the necessary precaution, so that your floor remains fresh for as long as possible. 

  • Heavy Appliances can cause Floor Bulging

Putting on large appliances that are heavier on a vinyl floor can cause a number of problems and this could lead to floor wrapping as well while moving furniture.

When heavy appliances are put on vinyl flooring, it might stop the floor from expanding and contracting as it should. So, it will start to rise up and make bubbles, which will make the floor wrap around and make bumps, thus damaging the floor and making it easy to trip.

The vinyl flooring is also called floating flooring because some appliances result in causing it to rise or form a bubble. Due to the heavy weight of the appliances, the floor is not able to move and grow as it should.

The end result will be that it will bulge, rise, and may even bubble. These bumps make it unsafe to walk on the floor, but replacing it is an expensive job plus it is also time-consuming.

  • Heavy Appliances can cause scratches

There is a possibility that such appliances cause dents and scratches to your entire floor while you are moving them.

When you drag the heavy equipment, they leave behind scratches, dents, and scuffs on the floor. When you pull heavy appliances across a rough surface, their weight can easily leave uncomfortable marks.

Other than that, these dents on the floating floors can collect dirt and dust, which captures humidity and moisture and worsens the damage.

It is considered wise not to put heavy appliances directly on vinyl plank flooring because this can leave uneven scratches.

But, these scratches can become permanent very quickly, and even if the planks are replaced the damage stays the same. Heavy appliances, such as refrigerators or freezers can be put directly on vinyl plank flooring, but this is usually not recommended.


Use glue underneath the appliance area

If you are familiar with using vinyl planks, you must know that they can be put down without any glues or adhesives. They do fit together efficiently, but putting heavy furniture on them could cause bubbles or result in raising them.

The manufacturers recommend using glue in certain areas of the floor together because the weight of your appliances could cause the floor to have a dent.

Keep the surface away from touching cabinets and walls.

As has been already said, these adhesive planks are not suitable to be used on heavy furniture as they are not meant to hold such great weight.

But you can always opt for a better option because this problem can be easily avoided while installing vinyl planks by keeping the floor from contacting the walls or kitchen cabinets.

If you do this, the planks won’t bend or get bubbles when they keep moving in any direction.

Use Furniture pads to protect your floor from scratches.

The vinyl plank floors are strong as well as long-lasting as compared to laminate flooring. That is why they are a popular choice among homeowners. But there is one issue, that it is usually thin that is why it gets scratched easily and sometimes breaks as well.

The homeowners usually find it annoying when such uneven dents and ugly patterns start to form on their floors. These scraps cause severe damage to the quality of the vinyl planks.

That is why it has been recommended to not put a large appliance right on the floor because doing so could cause scratches or even damage that can’t be fixed and eventually you will need to replace your floor.

For this reason, you should put good-quality furniture pads right under the feet of your appliances to keep your floor protected from this kind of damage.

Using felt pads under your furniture and appliances to protect your vinyl plank flooring from dents and scratches is a wise decision that is highly recommended.

There is a variety of furniture pads available on the market. These furniture pads will protect your floors from scratches and scuffs, saving you money on floor repairs. But, rubber pads can leave yellow stains, so use them with precautions.

The furniture pads come with a felt bottom that is considered safe for your vinyl floor or any other kind of floor you have in your home. These furniture pads have a variety of sizes that can accommodate any sort of furniture or appliance. 

Use Furniture Sliders while relocating Heavy Appliances 

When a big item like a fridge, freezer, or washer and dryer is dragged across a floating floor, it can cause damage quickly. Because of the considerable weight of this equipment, some vinyl planks can twist or rise to bubble.

You do not want any damage to your new floor that you have not finished putting in yet and these appliances can severely damage it.

With furniture sliders, you can easily move even the heaviest appliances across your new vinyl plank flooring. On vinyl plank flooring, the Felt Furniture Sliders are a great choice.

The bottoms of these sliders make it easy to move heavy appliances over tile or hardwood floors. The furniture won’t scratch the floor, and the weight of the furniture won’t cause the floor to rise up. Thus, the weight of the appliances is evenly spread across the furniture sliders.

Use a Hand Truck when moving Heavy Appliances

Heavy appliances are hard to drag or move across a vinyl plank floor, so it’s preferred to use an appliance hand truck instead.

You don’t want to have to fix the whole floor due to various bumps, and you certainly don’t want to have to consider replacing it because of the extremely unattractive dent and scratch marks caused by dragging and pushing.

To keep your brand-new vinyl plank flooring from getting scratched, you should use a hand truck with rubber tires. It also makes it easier to move heavy things like refrigerators up and down stairs.

Most kitchen appliances are heavy, so it’s important to get an appliance hand truck that can carry a lot. Rubber wheels will keep the vinyl floor from getting damaged.

The hand trucks have single straps that help hold the appliance to the vehicle and with the stair climbers, it’s easy to move the appliance up and down the stairs.

They have the ability to carry up to 800 pounds which is one of their best features. This means it can hold the weight of your biggest home appliances, like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves, and more.


What is the weight capacity of plank flooring?

Vinyl plank floors can only hold up to 500 lb (227 kg) of weight, so you shouldn’t put heavy furniture on them that could leave marks or damage the surface.

How heavy appliances are causing damage to the vinyl floor?

When you drag heavy things across the floor, they leave scratches, dents, and scuffs. When you pull heavy appliances across a rough surface, they can easily leave marks.

What sort of furniture pads should be used?

To protect your floor from this kind of damage, you should put good-quality furniture pads right under the feet of your appliances.

Putting felt pads under your furniture and appliances is a smart way to keep your vinyl plank flooring from getting dents and scratches.

Does a hand truck keep the floor protected from damage?

Use a hand truck with rubber tires to keep your brand-new vinyl plank flooring from getting scratched. It also makes it easier to carry heavy things up and down stairs, like refrigerators. Rubber wheels will keep the vinyl floor from getting damaged.


Vinyl plank floors are popular among homeowners because they look good and last for a long time, but they often ask Do you Put Vinyl Plank Flooring under Appliances?

The problem is that it isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of heavy household items. The best way to keep your floor from falling apart is to stop bubbles from forming and keep furniture and other heavy items from lifting up.

By following the methods mentioned above, you can successfully protect your costly and new flooring by making it scratch-resistant to heavy appliances.

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