How to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet?

A gorgeous and cosy area rug is an excellent investment for any residence. They are a terrific way to personalise a space. Unfortunately, the frequent sliding and moving of area rugs can be irritating.

So you should know How to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet?

One of the best ways to extend the life of your carpet fibers and provide it with more depth and cushioning is to install an area rug over them

Nevertheless, despite their aesthetic appeal, area rugs have an unpleasant tendency to shift. Slippery area rugs are unattractive and also risky.

What are The Methods to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet?

You can keep your area rug in place using

  • Rug pads, 
  • Rug strips, 
  • Double-sided tape,
  • Tucking.
  • Adhesive Strips

If you want to make sure the adhesive won’t damage your carpet underneath, try it out on a small area first. Moreover, you can also keep your rug from moving around by tucking its edges under heavy appliances or other items.

1). Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are thin strips of adhesive tape or fabric and they are helpful for securing objects or holding them in position. A variety of materials, including paper, metal, plastic, and fabric, are utilised to generate adhesive strips. 

They add an adhesive coating to the strips so that they can adhere to a variety of surfaces. Generally, the pressure-sensitive adhesive is used as the adhesive component in adhesive strips.

This adhesive requires no particular procedure, you just need to press it into a surface which causes it to adhere instantaneously. Acrylics, rubber, and other polymers are utilized to create pressure-sensitive adhesives.

The functionality of an adhesive strip is dependent on the adhesion between the strip and the surface on which it is placed. This connection makes the strip tough to remove. In addition, the barrier prevents dirt and debris from entering beneath the carpeting.

These adhesive strips can be found in several thicknesses and lengths. You can choose the adhesive strip of your own choice that you find compatible with the size of your entire rug and you can professionally install them while following the instructions.  

Adhesive strips of rug backing can add an extra layer of protection and keeps it in place and you can successfully place it on the carpet. 

In order to keep them firmly, make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions.  But, these strips can create stubborn scars on your carpet if you’re not careful. 

It is possible for the strips to pull up the carpet’s fibres, causing them to unravel and rupture. Thus, it is likely that the existing carpet will need to be replaced. 

2). Double-sided Tape

Double-sided tape, used for layering rugs and wall-to-wall carpet, is a sticky tape that has glue on both sides. It can hold paper together, hold two surfaces together, and hold up portraits and other things on walls as well. 

Different manufacturers make double-sided rug tape from different kinds of tape, such as paper, plastic, and fabric. 

There are a number of adhesives available on the market and this could result in confusion when choosing the appropriate adhesive from such diverse kinds.

This double-sided carpet tape has an adhesive on both sides, while regular carpet tape only has an adhesive on one side. Because of this, it is great for joining different kinds of materials. 

Most sticky strips are only sticky on one side. This makes them better for hanging things on a wall, such as picture frames.

The rug tape can keep a rug in place on top of carpeting, but double-sided carpet tape may be easier to use because it will make the connection between the two surfaces stronger. Also, it’s less likely to damage the carpet than sticky strips.

To keep an area rug in place on a carpeted floor with double-sided carpet tape, you have to measure the rug and cut a piece of tape to the right size. 

To finish, take the backing off the tape and stick it to the bottom of the rug. Make sure there aren’t any bubbles or creases. Once the tape is on, put the rug on top of the carpeted floor and push it down firmly.

3). Rug Pads

You can also utilize padding under the rug or carpet to keep it from moving around. These non-slip rug pads are made with felt, rubber, and foam as their main materials. 

The purpose of these pads is to keep the rug from slipping, and a non-slip rug pad also protects your floor from damage.

Choose a rug pad that won’t slip having the right size for your home carpet or area rug. You can put them all under a rug or just the parts that need to be covered. Use a pad that is just a little bit smaller than the size of the area rug so that the pad doesn’t show through.

When you choose a rug pad, it’s essential to keep in check the floor you are having. Read the product descriptions carefully to make sure you’re getting a rug pad that can be used with carpets and area rugs because some cannot be used on some types of flooring.

If you opt for using a rug pad, make sure to put it on the floor first before placing the area rugs on it. Afterwards, put the area rug on its top and push it down with force. You have to wait a little while until it is completely attached together.

4). Tucked Edges

One more way to keep an area rug in place is to tuck the edges under the carpet. If you are using this method, you can also make use of your chairs, tables, and couches nearby. 

First of all, you need to put the furniture on top of the rug because the legs will help hang over the edges.  

Afterwards, roll your rug and tuck the material that was under the furniture pieces.

You can use this method to prevent your area rugs from moving around on your floor, whether it’s hardwood floors or tile. Make sure that you are using heavy furniture and appliances as they will hold more strongly.

5). Caulking It 

If the rug is inexpensive, caulk it rather than replace it. This method is incredibly cost-effective. Then, silicone caulk should be put in little droplets throughout the border and centre of the rug’s bottom.

Use a knife to ensure that the liquid has completely dried on the carpet by passing it over the drips. When the silicone is dry, place the rug over the carpet. 

Because, when the silicon is completely dry, it will adhere tenaciously to the carpet, preventing the rug from shifting. This should not be done on expensive area rugs or carpets.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1). What are the materials used to make Adhesive Strips?

Adhesive strips are thin strips of tape or fabric that can be used to hold things in place or keep them from moving.

Adhesive strips can be made from many different things, like paper, metal, plastic, and fabric. They coat the strips with an adhesive so that they can stick to many different surfaces.

2). How to use the Adhesive Strips?

Rug backing strips that stick to the carpet can add an extra layer of protection and keep the rug in place, so you can put it on the carpet.

Make sure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer to make sure they stay put.

3). Does tucking prevent the slipping of your carpet?

  • The furniture needs to go on top of the rug.
  • Roll up your rug and tuck in the extra fabric that was under the furniture.
  • Make sure to use heavy furniture and appliances because they will stay in place better.

4). How do rug pads keep your area rug from moving?

You can also put padding under the rug or carpet to keep it from moving. The main things used to make these non-slip rug pads are felt, rubber, and foam.

The pads are meant to keep the rug from slipping, and they also keep your floor from getting damaged.


While learning about How to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet, there are various methods that help users to successfully install these additional home decor.

It has been found that this type of activity has been trendy for some time. Whether you have hardwood or laminate flooring, incorporating a rug will create the space seem cosier and more polished. 

It will prevent carpet deterioration in high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells. Adding a rug on top of the carpet is another method for achieving this objective.

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